Stéphane Belmondo, Jazz trumpeter and drummer — Words from the Passionnate

Stéphane Belmondo took part of the 2015 Saint-Emilion Jazz Festival ; especially the Musical Wine Tastings. He was Éric Lignini’s guest star. Meet this great Jazz trumpeter and drummer.

Video transcription

“It’s my favourite wine in the world As for everything, it’s the heritage we have. To start with, the village of Saint-Emilion, I don’t think there is an as beautiful village in the world than this village. The vines, the surrounding hills… it’s quite exceptional! So the taste of the wine comes a lot from the surroundings. It’s important. It’s a very special wine of course. Being inducted, it means a lot. It’s something that is very important to me. Emotionally, it was something rather strong because I know Mr Dominique Renard well. Dominique knows my music well. I also know the wines he likes well. With China Moses also, I practically know them since the beginning. And my long-time friend Eric Legnini, we play music together. So here, emotionally, it was amazing. It has been a beautiful challenge. It wasn’t easy to taste the wines before playing. And the memory of taste, all the flavors that can be tasted on Earth. that’s what wine is all about anyway and Jazz music as well, or any music for that matter. And to me, it’s so important. I could come back every year to give a tasting concert with great pleasure !”

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