China Moses, jazz singer — Words from the passionate

China Moses talks about her feelings after her induction during the 2015 Jazz Festival. See how she shares her love for Wine & Jazz.

Video transcription

“It’s an honor to be inducted, to wear my red dress which is between a bit like a cardinal and Mrs Santa Claus. It was great! And to meet such a mixed fraternity, men and women. I found that very modern. There is a direct relation between making a wine and making a song. We all start with something, the similar notes like in a way we all come from different varieties. In a way we all have the same grapes. Actually it’s the mix and the personality of the winemaker that gives his wine a certain taste a certain personality. It’s like the big Jazz songs. They can be sung by a lot of different people and they will have different sounds so I think there is a link quite direct in fact between the wine… In any case it is a link that can be drawn.”

Video showing