François Baroin, Ex-Minister, Mayor of Troyes & Senator of Aube county — Words from the passionnate

François Baroin shares an emotional moment: his induction during Spring Fest 2015. He is now part of the Saint-Emilion Jurade: «an honor».

Video transcription

“I received this title as an honour and a dignity. I was obviously moved to become part of this Jurade and at the induction of other celebrities from all kinds of backgrounds and were welcomed that way into this huge council. I find it precious that there are institutions of this kind because it crystalizes in a clever festive, happy, fun way and at the same time with a real historical depth. Everything that, directly or indirectly represents the wine economy in all its dimension and it’s really pleasant and it’s a very unique moment. What is rather impressive for the newcomers and philistines that we are, who are not professionals from this industry but on the contrary hobbyists naturally of these wines. It’s the history, the construction, the seasonality, the very memory of the harvest, the very days of those crops and then the assembly and knowing from the beginning that it will be obviously a known and reknown vintage and that the more it progresses towards the end of its life, It gets better. It is quite amazing this product, because it’s something that is virtual and on the moment. A bit like a party or a bastille day, that at the same time is long-lasting and can find a depth of field for the future generations. Today, this generation, it wants to come back so it’s just full of hope.”

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