Words from the Laureates, 2015 Coupe des Crus — Puisseguin Saint-Emilion

Four cups were awarded during the launch of Vinexpo to the best crus of Saint-Emilion and its surroundings on Sunday 14 June 2015. A challenge organised by the Conseil des Vins de Saint-Emilion, Terre de Vins and Riedel. Find out who the winners of the Puisseguin Saint-Emilion appellation are !

Video transcription

“This Coupe des Crus is a way to be compared to our neighbors. It certainly is a form of a friendly competition in Saint-Emilion and everyone is trying best practices and best progress to produce best wines possible. So, the idea of comparing in a competition which is well organized, which is held blind, and to assess and verify the progress that is made is a very interesting idea for us. This is a very good benchmark. It is a very good barometer. What I like in the Coupes des Crus, is the selection of three vintages. It’s the consistency. It is important, first to be recognized amongst our colleagues because it not only is a personal satisfaction, but also very important because we sell directly. It’s a guage for guaranteed quality. It is true that in terms of quality, the wines presented were from domaines that are completely different. We were fortunate that this year, the qualitative method that we have chosen has been rewarded. Throughout the year, we tried to make a wine which respects the Puisseguin framework, the terroir and that makes people happy too. A trilogy of vintages: 10, 11 and 12 in Bordeaux. 2010 is without a doubt one of the biggest Bordeaux vintages in recent years. 2010 is a wine with structure, which is woody and very agreeable in the mouth. 2011, a little weak, a little lighter, slightly less sunshine which makes the wine very open, easy to drink today. These 2011 wines are a pleasure. 2012, today, is more accomplished, more rounded. We are going towards the product as we want it to be eventually. The values that are essential for me will first be the passion, because it is a job where one must be passionate. It can not be invented. I think when managing a vineyard with a great respect to the nature, we accomplish something. There is a great satisfaction in trying to make a well thought out wine and as pure as possible. I believe that the idea is to understand the terroir well, to understand the development of the plant and its maturity, to harvest at the right moment to bring ripe grapes at the harvest. Subsequently, vinify and make a quality wine that makes me happy and above all, make my customers happy. Don’t forget, we are in Saint-Emilion. Whether we talk about Puisseguin Saint-Emilio or about Saint-Emilion, we are in Saint-Emilion. As soon as we come out of our small villages, for all, we make Saint-Emilio and this is a magic word, it should not be forgotten. It is a value !”

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