2015 Saint-Emilion Jazz Festival – Musical Wine Tastings

“If your wine were music … tell us!” Dive into the world of two musical tastings that took place during the 2015 Saint Emilion Jazz Festival. The one with Crus Classés and the other organized by the association of young winemakers of Saint-Emilion: Arômes de Jeunesse.

Video transcription

“This year, we have decided to hold two musical wine tastings. The one you are taking part in today, with the Crus Classé. And tomorrow, we’ll have the young harvest of the Saint-Emilion winemakers who will be there to showcase what they’ve made. We are together to have a nice afternoon, I hope. The following will be the program: you will, in turn, be served each Cru that we will taste, we will try them all. We comment and interpret them.

First the wine, it’s a product that tells a story. It’s an identity and we will try and understand each one’s personality.

With the first sip, I can think of a lot of ideas to play anyway. It can be on the fruit, on the honey, so all this takes us to a certain improvisation, towards a certain direction.

It’s true that I tend to, for more rounded, softer, rounder wines, to have a lighter approach. And for fresher wines, with something more vigourous.

We were able to make good music with respects to what we were feeling.

I find it a difficult task but very, very enjoyable.

So the wines, they were all wines from the Arômes de Jeunesse association. Those were our very first vintages. It’s to share with all the guests, our first wine, that we could very well mix music with Saint-Emilion wines.

It’s a great experience. I played the game, tasting, listening. And that’s what music is all about, it’s getting inspiration from. So here, this is it, I really got inspired with everything there was.

In any case, I think that all three of us, we tried to really offer something original, which fits with the moment.

We tried to go into what people could be feeling while drinking wine.

I think that the world of wine is very, very close to the world of music and of Jazz in particular. The blend could be compared to different aesthetics in music.

Wine is a sensation. It’s feelings.

It’s actually an art, just like music.

We all come from something, the same notes. Just like, in a way, we all come from the various cépages. but it’s the blend and the personality of the winemaker that makes the wine have a certain taste, a certain personality. It’s like the great Jazz songs that can be sung by lots of different people and they will sound different. I think there’s quite a direct link, actually.

Meditation, fusion, relaxation are the words for this special evening

A proof of modernity, a proof of state of mind, people of all ages, really. And I found it extremely interesting and I think that it must be rather representative of the big Saint-Emilion wines family.


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