Back to the Saint-Emilion Portes Ouvertes 2016

This year, the Saint-Emilion Portes Ouvertes took place from 30th April to 1st May. 91 Saint-Emilion wine châteaux opened their doors. Visitors were able to discover the medieval city, taste wines or meet the winemakers.

Video Retranscription

“We organize the open doors to allow people to discover the Saint Emilion vineyards, since at Saint-Emilion, there is a certain number of diverse estates.

We, ourselves, are very attached to bringing art lovers onto our estate. We have an educational role, a role of pedagogy.

So we make people taste the primeurs, some single varieties also. So we have 4 different varieties. We took samples of each variety. That way, we have a small workshop with people to explain the difference.

So there is the visit of the cellars and we built a pyramid and this pyramid, we made it into a tasting room. So all this is an attraction that is a little bit unusual.

We saw completely different things, it was very nice, with characters completely different too, people who do not work with the vine in the same way, do not speak of their vineyard in the same way also.

I taste a beautiful wine, and I meet a lot of beautiful people here. And I see a lot of beautiful, sightseeing, so beautiful places to visit today.

This is a good opportunity to visit many chatêaux and really see the difference between the various estates. And I think in the area, people love to share their way of making wine, because it’s still a very local product.

One day, if you want a convivial moment among friends, a moment of discovery, of tasting and historical visits too, because Saint-Emilion really has a great history with all its chatêaux, so we go for there all these things.

That is something that people like, that we have been doing for several years and people like it. It’s a good sharing time.”


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