Saint-Emilion Jazz Festival, an exceptional 5th edition!

During 3 days, visitors to Saint-Emilion have benefited from the Saint-Emilion Jazz Festival. Whether enthusiasts or experienced, they have all been seduced by the warm and friendly atmosphere of the festival.

Many artists including Marcus Miller, Faada Freddy, Electro Deluxe or Jean-Pierre Como performed one after the other on the various festival stages.

Here is the video of the three-day outdoor concerts and musical tastings, accompanied by a glass of Saint-Emilion wine!

Video retranscription

This festival is primarily dedicated to the village of Saint-Emilion, which is a work of art in itself. This small 13th-century medieval village. We’re on a playground in a unique environment. This village, this festival, the people, it is above all a love story.

I think this is one way of illustrating what is in common between the music, perhaps particularly jazz, and wine. It’s a mix of technical expertise, know-how that requires work, training, effort, learning. At the same time, it is also a lot of sensitivity, heart, which people must put in their music and in their bottle of wine.

One must know where wine comes from, if there are several varieties, assembly, etc. So, we base ourselves on these very important criteria. Followed by the taste, test, nose, of course. It is not an easy exercise but at least we had much fun improvising around these fantastic wines.

I think that beautiful music adds to the pleasure of tasting. Perhaps the opposite is also true.

It’s a big surprise for me. A surprise of the heart, a surprise to see that people were so attentive and so moved, happy. It’s creative, it inspires me a lot.

When you come to play in a place like this, the way the music is presented goes with the region. There is a fabulous reception and also the festival is not disproportionate in size, compared to what we see when we come here as a tourist.

It’s a little bit of a speciality of this festival. It is this friendliness, not only the artists toward the audience, these relatively intimate places where you can mix with them very easily.

This festival is the type of place that inspires me. I felt a new discovery of music and it felt like being with family.

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